Real Time Data Provider for Amibroker and Metastock – VRTData is Premium Quality Real Time Data Provider for Amibroker and Metastock. The RT Data App for Amibroker and Metastock Feeds Realtime Data in Amibroker and Metastock and it is updated Tick by Tick with 1 Minute Backfill. VRTData (a subsidiary of  is the Leading Stock Market Data Provider i.e. Amibroker Data Feeder, Share Market Live Data for Metastock and Data Feeds for Amibroker. Easy to use RT Data Feed App is compatible for Windows XP(SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and can be used for Real Time Data for Amibroker or Metastock. It’s compatible on Windows Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) also.

Real Time Data Services provided by are available for Metastock Data, Live Futures Data, Equity Intraday Data, Commodity Real time Data, Data Feed for Metastock and Live Data for Amibroker. ValueRT is Amibroker Real Time Data Provider and Metastock Real Time Data Provider. Excellent After Sales Live Support available from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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