Nifty & Stock Options Intraday & Positional Trading Webinar

Webinar-Feature in its series, organizing a Webinar on Nifty & Stock Options Online Webinar on 24 and 25 July 2015. This Webinar is specifically organised for traders who want to trade in Nifty Options (for Day Trading Only) and Stock Options (Positional & Day Trading) with a Unique Formula to Catch the Price Movement Near to Top and Bottom and to Fetch Profit with Maximum Probality from the Trend. Traders will be provided complete Unique Formulas embeded with Complete Trading Plan. This System Can be used on Any Trading Platform or Technical Analysis Software. Trader Must have a prior basic knowledge on using Technical Charts.

1. Day Trading in Nifty Options

Derived from Specific Trend Catching system, a Day Trader can make specific level of profits (average 5-7% per day) consistently. Trader would be required to devote 1-2 hours time to get this much profit. This System can be deployed on Any Charting System available, even on Trading Terminal Charts also. Some of the Features are :

  • Perfect Trading Strategy on how to make consistent Profit
  • Just trade for 1-2 Trades daily
  • How to Easily Identify Entry and Exit Points
  • How to manage your Money while Trading viz.a.viz Risk Management
  • How to compound the investment & Portfolio Management

2. Positional Stock Options Trading

Positional Stock Options Trading System is based on our own devised highly successful Trading Plan. This enlightening Session is designed for you to have an opportunity to learn secrets of Positional Stock Options Trading to take maximum possible profit at every expiry month. We don’t use the conventional and complex stragtegies like Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle, Condors, etc. We have devised our own system of options trading and that too without writing options. In this Sessionyou will learn :

  • A formula that will give you more family time, more income, and more ways to give back.
  • Just trade for 10-15 days in a month and that too for almost one hour daily, no need of being glued to the computer all day.
  • It’s an easy to understand 3 step formula that will remove your dependency from others forever.
  • It helps investors who are tired of losing money in the stock market earn 20-50% each month.
  • After the seminar you’ll know the best way to trade stock options and the building wealth at a higher pace.
  • Exhaustive online practice sessions during trading days using complete plan also part of the course.

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