– Real Time Data Service for Amibroker has now re-launched its website for Real Time Data Feeder for Amibroker. provide real time data for amibroker for nifty, banknifty, futures, options, equity, commodity and currency. They are leading amibroker data provider. Amifeeder Windows PC App used for Real Time Data Feeder for Amibroker.

They are providing Excellent Quality Data for Amibroker is updated Tick by Tick. Historical data backfill for 180 days available in 5 Minute snapshot. The user friendly App i.e. Amifeeder – Amibroker Data Feeder provides Real Time Data for Amibroker. Amibroker Real Time Data for Commodity, Currency, Equity, Futures and Options all are provided with one Subscription.

Data with Amifeeder in Amibroker is updated Tick by Tick with 5 Minute Backfill. One Subscription can give data for all segments i.e. Equity Cash, Futures, Options, Commodity & Currency. Historical Data for 180 Days for Stock Market Data can be backfilled on subscription.

For Annual Subscribers they are providing quite highly successful set of three Buy Sell Signal AFLs for Amibroker. They Also provide guidance on how to use these Amibroker AFLs for successful trading.

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